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Lifetime service plan.

To make sure your new Hyundai always provides the best possible on-road performance, it’s important to adhere to its servicing schedule. And to help make that even easier to do, Hyundai iCare now offers a Lifetime Service Plan for all passenger, SUV and light commercial Hyundai vehicles from 1985 model year onwards ^.

With the Hyundai iCare Lifetime Service Plan you have the reassurance of knowing in advance the maximum cost for each scheduled service.Even better, the price cap applies for the life of the vehicle. The other big advantage of this service plan is that it remains with the eligible vehicle even if the original owner on-sells the vehicle. Therefore any subsequent owner of the eligible vehicle is entitled to take advantage of the Lifetime Service Plan as well. 

In addition to making it easier to budget your motoring costs, the Hyundai iCare Lifetime Service Plan delivers a lower cost of ownership for Hyundai vehicles compared to those of many other manufacturers; guarantees you a saving every time you get a service under this program; and to assist in resale values ensures that your service records show that your vehicle has been constantly maintained by factory-trained Hyundai technicians.

The Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan offers owners a number of benefits including the certainty of guaranteed standard and competitive pricing, the promise of factory-trained technical experts managing all service actions, and the assurance of only Hyundai genuine parts being used in all repairs and maintenance operations on the vehicle.

In addition, by taking advantage of a Hyundai iCare Lifetime Servicing, you will also qualify for a 12-month extension to your Roadside Support Plan, and could also receive a free NAVTEQ™ SatNav map update.



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Hyundai vehicles not imported into Australia by Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd ABN 58 008 995 588 (previously called Hyundai Automotive Distributors Australia Pty Ltd), such as “grey import” and privately imported vehicles, are not eligible for the Plan.  Eligible vehicles include Private, Business, Sales Demonstrators and Service Demonstrators. Excludes Government and Rental vehicles. Go to
www.hyundai.com.au/owners/terms#service for other exclusions and eligibility.