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Nitrogen tyre filling.

Why inflate your tyres with Nitrogen ?

Nitrogen is completely safe. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, and non-toxic gas that forms about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. Some of the benefits claimed for using nitrogen over compressed air for inflating tyres are :

  • Improves the ride quality 

  • Increases tyre life

  • Keeps tyre pressures more constant

  • Reduces the tyre's running temperature

  • Slows the rate of pressure loss

  • Doesn't react with the tyre and rim materials 

Oxygen leaks out of tires faster. Nitrogen maintains tire pressure longer than oxygen. The oxygen molecules in compressed air are smaller and leak out three to four times faster.

We at Moorooka Hyundai also offer the option of filling up your tyres with Nitrogen. It is less resistant to heating and when it heats, it will expand uniformly, unlike air which when heated, its individual constituents expand as per their properties. A Nitrogen tyre gives a smoother ride, better economy, uniform tread, better handling especially at high speeds and less tyre failure by maintaining lower temperatures and only minor pressure fluctuations from cold to hot. It is also ideal for both car trailers and caravans. As a website special if you are interested we can offer a change over to Nitrogen for just $10 a tyre. Please speak to our service advisors for more information on 

(07) 3373 1840.